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Next 8 Week Program Commences Tue 6 Feb

9:30am Tuesdays @ Our Partner Studio

Health Focus Centre, Putney Village

Part-Term Rates Available on Sessions in Progress

Want to connect with your baby in a gentle, inspiring and loving exercise format?

Want to get close to nature, rebuild core strength, reduce stress and re-balance from the demands of motherhood?

If you're looking for a gentle and safe way to exercise together with your baby, our 'BABY AND ME' Yoga program is the perfect fit for you. You will learn safe and effective poses designed to help you recover and rebuild strength whether you have had a natural or cesarian birth. Connect with your bub throughout the class via baby stretches & exercise together with integrated mummy and baby poses


Enter your name and email address below to register for further details about this wonderful post-natal program

Small Class Size for Individual Attention

Next 8 Week Program Starts Tuesday 6 Feb

Session Time 9:30-10:30am @ Our Partner Studio Location

Health Focus Centre, Putney Village

"You don’t need to have a flexible body to do yoga, just breathe and be you" - Alison Auland
Join local Yoga Teacher and mother of 2, Alison Auland as she provides safe and effective exercise for you and your baby to connect through the beauty of Yoga in our tranquil studio
We understand that motherhood is a juggle and it can be a challenging time for new mummys. We know how demanding motherhood can be in those early weeks as we have been there ourselves. This is why we created the BABY & ME YOGA program, to help you de-stress, reflect, re-energise and connect with your baby through the beauty of safe and effective post-natal Yoga poses to build strength and tone
  • Connect with your baby through effective Post-natal Yoga Practice
  • Safely integrate your baby into your post-natal exercise routine
  • Rebuild Strength and Tone after baby with safe, gentle exercise
  • Prioritise 'me time' for yourself to De-stress, Re-energise and Refresh
  • Complement Your Current Exercise Routine or Return to Exercise post-bubba
"Alison's Baby & Me Yoga class is amazing!
I loved the mindfulness, relaxation and calmness of the classes. Taking that small amount of time to each week just to breathe was perfect. Whether your feeding, settling or had a sleeping bub, Alison was great at integrating it all into the Yoga class.
I highly recommend Alison and the Baby & Me Yoga program" - Janine Pilgrim

"This class will be one of my favourite memories from parental leave! The weekly yoga class was an opportunity to be still, regroup and look after myself every week" - Jackie Johnson

"After recently having a bub myself, I know how challenging it is coming to terms with motherhood and finding safe and effective ways to exercise in those early weeks and beyond with baby.
Our Yoga Teacher Alison is a parent of 2 and understands the demands of motherhood and how important it is for you to make time for yourself as well as creating a strong bond between you and your bubba
Avoid disappointment and REGISTER NOW to secure your space in this exciting new program"
Di Shepherd - Founder and Master Trainer
'ibelieve fitness' Australia

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REGISTER NOW to secure your space in this exciting new program

Enter your name and email address below to register for further details about this wonderful post-natal program

Starts Tues 6 Feb  @ Our Partner Studio
Health Focus Centre, Putney Village
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