Our Boxing Classes Are More Than Your Average Workout Session!

Will you maximise your workout and burn a heck of a lot of calories in just a short amount of time? You bet!

Can we help you clear your head of unwanted stress and re-energise in time for the weekend? Absolutely!

Will you escape those mundane workouts and be really challenged both physically and mentally in a fun and supportive workout environment? Yes, Yes and YES!!!

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“I know your time is precious and you want to get the most out of your workout, so I put together the Express Boxing Format so you can maximise your exercise time! I am known for making workouts super fun using both boxing speed drills and combo work to keep your mind and body challenged.”

Di Shepherd – Founder and Master Trainer,                          ‘ibelieve’ fitness Australia


Have you ever felt intimidated by those big gym classes? Want to feel comfortable regardless if you are a beginner or advanced level participant, fit or unfit?

Feel at home in a welcoming energised environment where everyone knows your name and encourages you to bring out the best in yourself!

Don't worry if you've never boxed before, I will get you up and running before you know it and I will loan you all the gear you need - or bring along your own boxing gloves if you prefer!

I'm So Confident You Will Love Our Boxing Classes, That I'm Putting All The Risk On Me! You've Got Nothing to Lose, try it Out Absolutely FREE!


Click Above to Check Out Our Outdoor/Indoor Class In Action... (My sessions are tough, but in the Winter I let you train indoors 😉

What our Clients love about training with us....

"I love this boxing class so much I come out of my way to attend! The combo work is a great challenge. I have lost over 8kg's since training with Di, my body shape is changing, I am stronger and I have so much more energy than ever before!"

- Mel M, Macquarie Park

"A great overall body workout - I absolutely love it! These boxing classes really challenge your coordination and memory skills. I always look forward to this class as my end of week stress relief!"

- Meredith Beynon, Summer Hill

"As a mum, Di's Boxing Classes have given me an avenue to do something for myself, meet new people and feel fit again.  I enjoy the variety and pace she has set for us each week as we try to challenge ourselves.  I feel more energetic and toned plus it gives me a reason to escape for some ME time!"

- Ling Chin, Abbotsford

"This boxing class is such an excellent way for me to maintain and further develop my general level of fitness in a social and encouraging environment. Di is a positive trainer who continues to motivate and challenge me each week"

- Alexandra Middleton, Five Dock

"Such a great cardio workout for me, this challenges both my body and mind at the same time. I always feel like I have worked hard. Everyone in the class is so welcoming and encouraging, Di makes everyone feel so involved plus I love that it's local and convenient for me to attend"

- John Jackson, Chiswick

Class spaces are limited so secure your FREE TRIAL with us today!

Come and Join Us For a Free Session(Places Are Limited So Reserve Your Spot Now)

Sign Up For Your Free Boxing Session Now

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Where will you find us?

During Winter we train Indoors to minimise disruption to training during the cold, windy and wet season. So no excuses!

We are at St Andrews Church Hall - Entrance is on Bay Road, Chiswick (close to the Sibbick Street end)

Thursday evenings 7:15pm

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